Upendra Nongthomba

Associate Professor
Molecular Reproduction, Development & Genetics
Research Areas: 
Muscular diseases, cell biology, nerve cell damage
Research Highlights: 

Throughout the day, the human body does myriad tasks: talking, walking, eating, sleeping, and hundreds of other activities. The one system that constantly 'powers' all of these activities is the muscular system. Muscles play a vital role in providing us energy and support to do work. Different muscles play different roles: cardiac muscles power the heart, skeletal muscles maintain the physique, and smooth muscles aid in digestion and circulation. Muscles contract and relax alternately to produce movement, and provide support and energy. But what happens if this vital system fails? There may be many effects ranging from mild to severe, such as weakness, cramps, loss of vitality, chronic diseases and other conditions that may sometimes be fatal. What are these conditions? How and why do they occur? This is the niche area that Dr. Upendra Nongthomba and his lab explore.