Sumanta Bagchi

Assistant Professor
Centre for Ecological Sciences
Research Areas: 
Ecology, Climate change and Conservation
Research Highlights: 

The lab works on the interface between community ecology and ecosystem ecology, using tools borrowed from biology, mathematics, and statistics. An ongoing project in wildlife conservation examines it from two contexts: within protected areas, and wildlife in human-dominated landscapes. Current work on the snow leopard is in collaboration with Nature Conservation Foundation and Snow Leopard Trust. Some lab members spend time in the cold deserts of the Trans Himalaya, where there is a rather uneasy coexistence between wildlife and humans. Ecologists often view nature as resilient, and capable of absorbing chronic and periodic disturbances - both natural and anthropogenic. Land-use managers, particularly in grazing ecosystems, attempt to implement management actions derived from the principles of ecological resilience. The lab is trying to assess whether long-term (several decades or more) trends in vegetation composition in rangeland ecosystems are adequately described by the resilience-based framework, and to what extent are historical dynamics influenced by climatic patterns.