Sikdar S K

Molecular Biophysics Unit
Research Areas: 
Membrane and Cellular Biophysics, Ion-Channels and Cellular Neuroscience
Research Highlights: 

Professor Sikdar's group studies ion channel biophysics and pharmacology, exocytosis, neurons and neuron-astrocyte interactions, Ca dynamics in neurons and live neuronal networks. Some of these studies are related to the understanding of epileptogenesis. The main areas of research in is laboratory currently include: (1) Whole cell ionic current and single ion channel biophysics, plasticity and pharmacology (2) Neuronal function and neuron-astrocyte interaction using autaptic, neuronal and astrocyte primary cultures (3) Ca-dynamics in neurons using acute and organotypic brain slice experiments (4) Neural networks, Network topology and Pharmacology (5) Backpropagating action potentials, Ca dynamics in dendritic spines and co-incident detection using organotypic brain slice culture

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