Rohini Balakrishnan

Centre for Ecological Sciences
Research Areas: 
Animal Behaviour, acoustic communication
Research Highlights: 

A major aim of my research is to understand the causes and consequences of animal behaviour in natural environments at both proximate and ultimate levels, for which I use acoustic communication as the model. The methods employed are both reductionist (using behaviour and physiology) and synthetic (using simulations), with concurrent quantification of the natural abiotic and biotic environment, the latter providing the ecological context and thus the selection pressures under which animals must survive and reproduce. My research projects span the areas of bioacoustics, animal behaviour, community and habitat ecology, and systematics. Theoretical, experimental and observational approaches are used in an integrated manner in most of the projects, which often involve both laboratory and field studies. Specific themes and projects include:

1) The ecology of communication: Dissecting a complex natural acoustic communication network

2) The sensory ecology of mate-finding and mate choice

3) Systematics, signals and speciation

4) Acoustic monitoring of biodiversity

5) Vocal repertoires and their functions

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