R.M. Medhamurthy

Molecular Reproduction, Development & Genetics
Research Areas: 
Cell biology and physiology of ovarian function in mammals
Research Highlights: 

Our laboratory is pursuing research on physiology and cell biology of ovarian function with emphasis on folliculogenesis, signal transduction, apoptosis, and regulation of corpus luteum function. During the periovulatory period, the mammalian ovary is the site of dramatic structural and functional changes leading to oocyte maturation, follicle rupture and corpus luteum formation. Our main goal is to understand these processes at physiological, morphological and molecular levels. We are currently employing various experimental animal model systems to understand these processes, which to a large extent, result from changes in the transcriptome/ proteome of various ovarian cell types by employing a variety of molecular biology tools such as differential display, DNA array technology, proteomics etc.,Expressions of around 4000 genes have been identified to be up- or down-regulated in the follicular granulosa cells before and after exposure to gonadotropins, and analysis are underway to catalog changes in gene expression into different cell functions. In parallel with this work, we are pursuing research on delineating signal transduction pathways associated with apoptosis of ovarian somatic cells during follicular atresia.