Paturu Kondaiah

Molecular Reproduction, Development & Genetics
Research Areas: 
Cancer, Growth factor signalling pathways, TGF-b in oral and cervical cancer
Research Highlights: 

The research goals of this laboratory are to understand tissue specific regulation of eukaryotic gene expression with a broader question on how these specificities contribute to a disease process. Currently the emphasis is on a family of growth inhibitory genes and hormone regulated genes. Recent research in the laboratory has resulted in 1) understanding the mechanism of estrogen regulated gene expression mediated by ERE half sites; 2) regulation of a TGF-beta gene by muscle specific transcription factor, MyoD and heart specific transcription factor, NKx 2.5; 3) the identification of several novel genes regulated by androgens in the rat ventral prostate; 4) differential regulation of gene expression by testosterone and anti androgen, flutamide. In addition, modified novel triterpenoids from plant sources have been characterized for their anti inflammatory and anti growth potential. Future goals include studies on the contribution of TGF-beta pathway in oral and cervix cancers, expression profiling of genes differentially regulated during cancer progression etc.