Maria Thaker

Assistant Professor
Centre for Ecological Sciences
Research Areas: 
Animal physiology, behaviour, hormones, macrophysiology
Research Highlights: 

The Macrophysiology Lab at the Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc, asks a very fundamental question: How do you survive?. And they ask it to animals. Since they can't answer in English, the lab has methods to understand what the animal perceives and how it's making decisions. The animal world has never failed to fascinate the curious human mind with the mysteries it has to offer. For ages, many have strived to understand how our fellow beings are surviving in a world that is perpetually challenging. Headed by Assistant Professor Maria Thaker, The Macrophysiology Lab focuses on how animals deal with stress. For animals in the wild, stress is a factor that has to be dealt with constantly as it can arise in the form of a predator, a competitor, changes in habitat or unfavourable climatic conditions; how an animal copes with this stress will consequently determine its survival. Life is tough. And we want to know how they survive, says Thaker.

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