Mahavir Singh

Assistant Professor
Molecular Biophysics Unit
Research Areas: 
Non-coding RNA and protein interactions, structure, and functions
Research Highlights: 

Eukaryotic genome is pervasively transcribed into non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) that seems to play important roles in virtually all aspects of cellular physiology. However, understanding of the structure, assembly with proteins, and mode of action of these ncRNAs remains largely underexplored. Our lab at MBU, IISc Bangalore is interested in establishing secondary/tertiary structure, studying functions, and recognition of ncRNAs by proteins involved in diverse cellular processes. 

Currently, we are engaged in understanding the structure and functions of proteins and nucleic acids (RNA and DNA); and protein-protein and protein-RNA/DNA interactions that govern the processes of telomere maintenance, gene expression, chromatin remodeling, and bacterial toxin-antitoxin systems.
We use biochemical assays (activity assays, EMSA, etc.) and biophysical methods to understand protein – RNA/DNA interactions. These methods include: structural biology approaches (NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography), spectroscopy (UV/VIS, CD, fluorescence), and calorimetry etc.

Room 207
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