Kavita Isvaran

Assistant Professor
Centre for Ecological Sciences
Research Areas: 
Animal Behaviour, sexual selection, mating behaviour, mate choice
Research Highlights: 

When Dobzansky said 'nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution' he couldn't be more right. Evolution is how particular characteristics in certain species develop/change over many generations. Evolution is an answer to lot 'whys' but the why of evolution itself raises an even bigger question. Animals display a bewildering diversity of solutions to common problems, such as how to find and choose mates, how many offspring to have, and how much resource to allocate to each offspring. Why does an animal evolve a particular strategy to choose a mate? Why did a female decided to lay her eggs at a particular place, why did the competition amongst mates evolve? The Evolutionary Ecology Research Group works on many of these questions. The lab is headed by Dr. Kavita Isvaran, who has worked on the mating strategies of the blackbuck, an antelope species and now guides students in their research projects. The researchers here have evolved their own niche when it comes to the research topics. While all fall under the umbrella of evolutionary ecology, meaning the study of evolution of acquired characteristics in ecology over generations, they all are very diverse and dynamic.