K. Somasundaram

Microbiology and Cell Biology
Research Areas: 
Cancer, gliomas, miRNA, chromatin modifications
Research Highlights: 

Cancer development is a complex process involving the accumulation of genetic alteration in genes that normally regulate cell proliferation, differentiation and death. In the laboratory, my research team is seeking to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the development of central nervous system tumors, in particular gliomas which are tumors arising from glial cells. The grade IV glioma (Glioblastoma; GBM) is the most common, malignant primary brain tumor in adults. The prognosis remains poor with median survival ranging from 12-17 months in spite of improvements in treatment protocol. While our primary aim is to understand the biology of glioma, we also develop biomarkers/signatures for better grading, prognosis and treatment. Some specific aspects of study focus on miRNA, DNA methylation and chromatin modifications. We also use next generation sequencing to identify novel genetic alterations and gene fusions in gliomas.

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