Deepak K. Saini

Assistant Professor
Molecular Reproduction, Development & Genetics
Research Areas: 
Cell signalling, intercellular communication, ageing, signalling related disorders
Research Highlights: 

The name "SAInI Lab" makes for a clever acronym: it stands for Signalling in Ageing, Inflammation and Infection, the three paradigms that Dr. Deepak Saini and his group work on. While there are tens of signalling modes, hundreds of different types of molecules and thousands of connections that spread across time and space in the life of a single cell, all 'signal transduction' as the process from signal to response is called, utilizes a few common types of molecules that constitute a signalling pathway. The stimulus (signal) binds to a 'receptor' protein, usually present on the membrane of a cell. The now active receptor binds to molecules called transducers which amplify the signal and activate effector molecules. The effector molecules then induce a cellular response, mostly by binding to the genetic material or DNA of the cell and causing different proteins to be manufactured. This step by step transmission of a signal from its source to its receiver is called signal transduction. It is within this intricate meshwork of signals and responses that the lab searches for answers to problems that plague current healthcare. Ageing, along with its spectrum of age-related disorders like Alzheimer's, heart disease and a weakening immune system to name a few, is now known to be regulated by specific signalling events inside cells. The SAInI lab focuses on a class of receptors known as GPCRs and their roles in the cascade of events which occur when a single cell grows old.

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