Arun Kumar

Molecular Reproduction, Development & Genetics
Research Areas: 
Human molecular genetics and cancer biology.
Research Highlights: 

The research interests in my lab include the cellular and molecular basis of oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC/oral cancer) with the aim of finding therapeutic targets and next generation sequencing based discovery of causative genes for the following genetic disorders: primary microcephaly (small brain), anencephaly (small or missing brain hemispheres), Parkinson's disease and Wilson's disease. We have recently shown the utility of oncogenic miR-155 in OSCC as a therapeutic target in a preclinical trial, using xenografts in nude mice. Using this model, we will be exploring, identifying and exploiting the use of miRNAs in oral cancer therapeutics. We have also discovered the role of TSC1/2 complex in the hereditary disorder - tuberous sclerosis complex using whole genome expression profiling, luciferase reporter, ChIP and EMSA techniques.