Media Coverage

Appearances in the media:

January-March 2016:

  1. 15th March 2016: Urban Growth Pattern in Chennai : Times of India | Live Mint | Nyooz
  2. 15th March 2016: Fatal Attraction: A case of deceit by female figs : The Hindu
  3. 9th March 2016: Scientists identify a new candidate for TB vaccine: Live Mint | Times of India
  4. 8th March 2016: Towards a better therapy for brain cancer: Times of India | Nyooz
  5. 28th February 2016: A Trojan horse to combat Salmonella infection: Bangalore Mirror
  6. 17th February 2016: Ecologists discover a new plant species in the Western Ghats: Deccan Herald
  7. 17th February 2016: Back to the basics garlic combo effective against malaria: Deccan Herald | The Hindu | Bangalore Mirror
  8. 9th February 2016: Centre for Ecological Sciences In-House Symposium: IndiaBioscience
  9. 27th January 2016: 'Look at natural disasters to prevent big market crash': Deccan Herald
  10. 25th January 2016: 'IISc genome expression expert gets Padma Shri': The Times of India
  11. 25th January 2016: Endosulfan induces male infertility in mice: The Hindu | The States Man | Business Standard | Zee News | Hans India | News Gram | Odisha Sun Times | Health site | Big News Network | Sakshi Post | Daji World | Daily Pioneer | New Kerala
  12. 14 January 2016: Ecological science theory analyses stock market crashes: Natureasia
  13. 19th January 2016: Save our turtles: Deccan Herald | Times of India | The Hindu
  14. 17th January 2016: Look at natural disasters to prevent big market crash: Deccan Herald
  15. 14th January 2016: Ecological science theory analyses stock market crashes: Nature Asia

October- December 2015:

  1. 29th December 2015: Shock wave treatment to get rid of infections: Bangalore Mirror | The Hindu | New Indian Express | Science Translational Medicine
  2. 21st December 2015: A novel vaccine against Hepatitis C Virus customized for the Indian population:  Livemint
  3. 19th December 2015: Genomes of Asian and African elephants compared: The Hindu | Deccan Herald | Indian Express
  4. 1st December 2015: Novel nano drug delivery system to target hepatitis C: Bangalore Mirror | Fierce Drug Delivery
  5. 24th November 2015: Scientists elucidate the working ways of a natural detoxifier: Bangalore Mirror
  6. 20th October 2015: Granting citizenship to the striped grass skink: Times of India
  7. 13th October 2015: Study reveals toxic effects of a common medicinal plant: Bangalore Mirror
  8. 4th October 2015: Do elephants move around seeds: Economic Times | India Today
  9. 29th October 2015: The mycobacterial stress response: The Hindu

July- September 2015:

  1. 27th September 2015: Hornbill hunting destroys forests too: The Times of India | The New Indian Express
  2. 24th September 2015: Bushcricket duets combine discreet vibrations with sound to elude predators: IndiaBioscience
  3. 22nd September 2015: A novel non-invasive method to detect brain disorders: Bangalore Mirror
  4. 22nd September 2015: A quicker method for identifying viruses that cause diarrhoea: Bangalore Mirror
  5. 15th September 2015: Non-invasive method to treat bacterial infections: Times of India | Bangalore Mirror
  6. 24th August 2015: Key players in transport pathways in melanin synthesis identified: IndiaBioscience
  7. 17th August 2015: A blood test to detect brain tumours: Bangalore Mirror LiveMint | Deccan Herald
  8. 12th August 2015: Curcumin-based Cancer Therapy: The New Indian Express
  9. 11th August 2015: Conservation prioritisation: The New Indian Express
  10. 11th August 2015: A breakthrough in treatment of hypothyroidism: Bangalore Mirror
  11. 7th August 2015: New treatment regimen for Hep C: Bangalore Mirror
  12. 29th July 2015: Prog Gadagkar awarded Germany's highest civilian award: Jagaran Josh | Deccan Herald | Times of India |