Confocal / Imaging Facility

The Bio-imaging Facility, located in the C-Wing, Ground Floor of the Division of Biological Sciences provides "open access" confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) services to the research community of the Indian Institute of Science. It is actively involved in image acquisition in various areas of bio-medical research catering to many departments of the Indian Institute of Science, not only for the Division of Biological Sciences, but also for departments like Materials Research Centre (MRC), Materials Engineering (ME), Mechanical Engineering, Inorganic Physical Chemistry (IPC), SSCU, MBU, Organic Chemistry, and CNS.

The contributions of this facility is reflected by a striking increase in the number of activities and projects that it has been supporting over the past years and the facility now runs with even more dedicated, trained personnel to operate the high end microscopes.

Scientific Staff:

Convenor: Prof. Dipshikha Chakravortty (Microbiology and Cell Biology)

Research Scientist:

  • Dr. Uttara Chakraborty (Sep 2014- till date, SRS)
  • Dr. Santosh Podder (June 2013- June 2015, JRS; July 2015- till date, SRS)
  • Project Assistants: Deepti Bapat (Feb 2012- Oct 2014)
  • Leepika Baid (Oct 2014- May 2015)
  • Saima Kauser Nasir (May 2015- till date)
  • Divya S. (May 2015- till date)

Scientific Personnel